about burton

Burton Lavery lived in a van for most of his adult life. After touring 20+ countries for 7 years playing in a band, Burton decided being a grubby vagabond wasn’t that fun. 

Contrary to popular belief, rock and roll doesn’t quite pay like it used to. During those 7 years, anytime Burton was home in Toronto, he would work on film sets, in recording studios, working on any/all things audio. From sound mixing corporate commercials, producing jingles, composing musicals, video game scores, shorts, features, front of house mixing for live shows, recording dungeons and dragons podcasts - you name it, he’s done it. 

After an official retirement from touring, Burton founded Production Sound Six and switched his focus to production sound mixing full-time. Using his extreme versatility, profoundly autodidactic nature and ability to think on his feet, the film industry was a simple and easy transition. 

Burton is well traveled and has an astounding ability to fall asleep on practically any surface, so travelling shoots are a walk in the park. You can send him deep into the jungle, the middle of the desert, to the top of a volcano - but rest assured, he lived on canned tuna and dry oats in dangerous places most of his life - so he’ll adapt accordingly.